The Seduction of Get Rich Quick (GRQs)

28 Aug

I was on Google the other day, looking up the term “entrepreneurialism”, when an advertisement just jumps out at me.  It said:

Make $4380.65 In 48 Hours
Copy This Cash Secret From Your Home Computer!

I must admit the thought of making over $4000 in what appears to be 2 days was exciting.  But immediately I saw through the marketing message and sighed “Ugh – another get rich quick scheme.”

When you do the math, making $4380.65 sounds great.  But the advertisement doesn’t tell you:

  • 1. What you have to do to make that much money
  • 2. How long it takes to get the cash to flow in and
  • 3. The opportunity costs associated

Considering these three factors prompted me to write about the seduction of the Get Rich Quick Schemes… 

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One Response to “The Seduction of Get Rich Quick (GRQs)”

  1. Sal Joynal Abdin Friday, 18 December 2009 at 9:33 AM #

    Great insight in this piece. There are so many scams that the apprentice Internet Marketer better be sharp! The cheque (check to my yank pals) scam is one I nearly fell for myself.

    Nice writing thanks again.



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