Resource of the Week: The Maxwell Leadership Bible

19 Sep

Are you ready for the truth about leadership?  Ok, here it is.  The truth is that anyone can lead.  Regardless of natural ability, financial status or your position on the corporate ladder, you have the ability to influence other people. 

According to John C. Maxwell, leadership is influence.  The two words are interchangeable.  The level of your influence determines the strength of your leadership.  A higher level of influence indicates a strong leader.  From worst to best, leaders influence others on the following levels:

  • Level 1 – Force
  • Level 2 – Intimidation
  • Level 3 – Manipulation
  • Level 4 – Exchange
  • Level 5 – Persuasion
  • Level 6 – Motivation
  • Level 7 – Honor

In this country, there is a grave need for leaders who create positive change by influencing others.  With the elections fast approaching, it’s important to realize that neither Obama nor McCain will be able to singlehandedly solve all of our nations problems.  We as citizens of the United States need to step up to the plate.  We need to become strong leaders in our homes, workplaces and churches.  The Maxwell Leadership Bible can guide you in the process.  It shows age-old events from the perspective of a leader.  Regardless of your religion or current spiritual state, this book will strengthen your life and leadership ability.

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