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11 Dec

During the 2008 election, countless people questioned President-elect Obama’s ability to lead this nation.  And starting in January, his leadership ability will be put to the test.  Through personal branding, raising over twice as much campaign funding as his opponent and motivating young and African-American voters, Obama has proved himself as a visionary entrepreneur.  And as such, he is a different type of leader.  Barack Obama is a transformational leader.  

Recently as I was struggling with my perfectionist tendencies, I came across an article at that introduced me to ten leadership styles, among them: 

  • Autocratic leadership.
  • Bureaucratic leadership.
  • Charismatic leadership.
  • Democratic leadership/participative leadership.

(Click here to read the entire list) 

I have used most of these styles, but sometimes in the wrong situation.  Intuition told me that something needed to be done, but due to lack of experience, I didn’t know exactly what action to take.  But after reading the article, I learned that I too am a transformational leader.  The challenging part is mastering the associated skills – communicating my vision, designing world-class solutions and even managing stress.  In essence, I am developing my primary leadership style while incorporating other styles that help me to lead effectively in specific situations. 

The article on leadership styles is one of many resources on MindTools.  In addition to reading their articles, you can take the Leadership Motivation Test to get an idea of how motivated you are to lead.  There are all types of resources on this website.  And I must tell you that MindTools does have a membership section.  But they also have tons of great information available at no cost to you.  The best part is that their articles, white papers and assessments will help you to think in depth about how you build and lead teams, make decisions, manage your time and your projects.  

Have fun exploring the site.  And once you find out your leadership style, it would be great if you would return to this article and post a comment.  I hope to see you back here soon…


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One Response to “Discover Your Leadership Style at”

  1. jcshakespeare Wednesday, 31 December 2008 at 2:04 PM #


    Found your entry using the “Transformational Leader” tag — one of the most exciting ideas I’ve come across in my lifetime.

    I posted on Obama’s leadership style here:

    I look forward to visiting Mind Tools, and checking out more of your blog. Keep up the good work!


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