Resource of the Week: 6 Secrets of Sales Magnets

18 Dec

When you hear the word “S-A-L-E-S”, what pops in your mind?  Is it the car salesman that spots your from a mile away in an attempt to get you into a brand new car, even though you don’t want another car payment?  Or is it the sales person at the mall kiosk, who is trying to sell you the latest fingernail polish that you can’t find anywhere else in the world?  To most people, sales is a dirty five-letter word.  But every successful entrepreneur knows how to sell their idea.    A small business owner may not have the best idea in the world.  But delivering an average idea to the right person is always more rewarding than chunking it into a manila folder.  Trust me. 

I don’t usually rant and rave about books, but Six Secrets of Sales Magnets totally changed my perspective on sales.  And to top it off, after I read it, I talked to friends and colleagues who offered great advice that supported the Six Secrets.  I’ve met a lot of people who operate like Sales Magnets and don’t even know it.  And most of them are left wondering why they’re not making as much money as they should.  This book will definitely answer that question. 

In Six Secrets of Sales Magnets, co-authors Laura Posey and Will Turner explain sales from the perspective of three characters.  Alex the Average Salesperson makes about $40,000 a year and always finds himself putting in 50-70 hour weeks.  Paula the Professional Salesperson teeters around the six-figure mark and finds herself pulling 45-60 hour weeks.  Meanwhile, Mark the Sales Magnet rakes in $150,000 plus working 40-45 hour weeks.  The secret is what each person does differently.  Ok, I’ll give you one secret, but that’s it.  Here it is:

Average Salespeople Manipulate

Professional Salespeople Communicate

Magnetic Salespeople Connect

At around 90+ pages, this book is an easy read.  I actually read it in one day.  And it’s based on years of research conducted by Posey, Turner and their team at Dancing Elephants Achievement Group. 

So, if you have been wondering why you have a headache from hitting you head on your income ceiling, Six Secrets of Sales Magnets is a must-read.  There are not many books that I highly recommend (especially not on the subject of sales), but if you believe that there is more to sales than what most car dealers do, check out this book.  And you will find that sales magnets market more than they sell.  Sales magnets build their personal brand. 

The world is filled with billions, maybe even trillions of great products and services.  And I’m just talking about products that are in tangible form.  When you talk about the great ideas that people like you and me have in our heads, the number approaches infinity.  But the key to moving products to the people who need them is sales.  By learning how to sell your great ideas, you build your business.  But you also replace one five-letter word, S-A-L-E-S, with another, M-O-N-E-Y.  And in tough economic times, everyone could use a little more money.

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2 Responses to “Resource of the Week: 6 Secrets of Sales Magnets”

  1. Laura Posey Friday, 19 December 2008 at 11:25 AM #

    Thanks for the wonderful review! We wrote the book because we truly believe that selling, done right, is honorable and beneficial for everyone. Thanks for helping us spread the word that you can be successful AND a good person at the same time 🙂



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