You Got Game?

17 Mar

Lebron JamesWhat does a basketball player and a successful business owner have in common?

They got game.

Basketball players know how to play the game and are penalized for not obeying the rules.  Jazz musicians redefine the game by learning the rules, then using inventive methods to consistently break them.  Small business owners know how to create the game.

E-Myth author Michael Gerber says that business is like a well-designed game.  And most people know how to play the game.  But few people set out to design their own game.  Why? Because it’s alot easier to sell someone else’s product that to develop a product from scratch.

It’s the difference between buying a house that’s already built and designing every detail of your dream house before the foundation is laid.  Or think about how you feel when you bite into a piece of Betty Crocker’s cake.  Pretty good.  Now picture how your tastebuds come alive while savoring a morsel of Grandma Shirley’s pound cake. That’s the difference between playing the game and designing your game.

Steve Jobs has designed a game – it’s called Apple.  Tyler Perry designed a game when he started his own production company.  Bill Gates and Ray Kroc bought someone else’s games and expanded them beyond belief.  You know their games as Microsoft and McDonald’s respectively.  When Colonel Sanders’ restaurant was in danger of closing, he changed the rules of the game by expanding and franchising a business to sell his recipe.  We know it better as KFC. 

Think about your job.  If there were no consequences, how would you break the rules?  I’m not talking about doing anything illegal.  I’m talking about the rules that just don’t make sense.   How do you bend the rules?  Which rules do you seem to follow with ease?  Take note of all your answers, because they are part of your game.  Games are fun, and I’ve spent 4 years doing nothing but designing my game. 

I’m sure that you have fun doing something in life. Whatever you have fun doing is your game.  And the richest people in the world design their games so that other people can play.


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