LeBron! 6 Things Every Young Entrepreneur Can Learn from ‘King James’

25 May

LeBron_JamesI’ve gotten over 1,000 page views from the article with LeBron James’ picture on the front of it. And at my accountants office, I came across a Black Enterprise article with LeBron on the cover. I read through it and to my surprise (and delight), I learned that he is quite a visionary and businessman.

I’m not really a sports fanatic, though I do enjoy occasionally watching football and basketball.  And yes, it probably has something to do with my high school football experience.  But I’m not bitter…I’m better (lol).  However…I do recognize that LeBron James is not only a sports figure but a national brand. 

Here’s what I learned from the article about ‘King James’:

  1. Business is a team sport.  LeBron didn’t go it alone.  He started his sports marketing agency, LRMR Innovative Marketing and Branding, with four other associates.
  2. Build lasting relationships.  LRMR associates have partnered with other real estate investors on $4.7 million, 18-unit development project to revitalize the Glenville neighborhood of Cleveland. They have also built relationships with multi-national brands like Microsoft.
  3. A high paying job is not enough.  As a sports player, LeBron makes upwards of $2o million annually.  LeBron the entrepreneur built a brand based on his sports experience.  LeBron the investor built a business and retirement package all in one. 
  4. Always remember where you’ve come from.  “Despise not humble beginnings.”  I’ve heard that statement several times in the past few weeks.  Apparantly, LeBron has too…one of his LRMR associates is one of his high school teammates. 
  5. Execute a huge vision.  The vision for LRMR is huge but succinct.  And through focus, LeBron and his team are accomplishing their goals – one by one. Carrying out your big picture purpose reels in long term goals.
  6. Building a brand is a piece of cake.  I just said that to make sure you were awake and paying attention.  Actually it’s more like making a cake…from scratch! Personal branding requires a great deal of realism about who you are and what you can do.

Click here to read the entire article at The Free Library.


2 Responses to “LeBron! 6 Things Every Young Entrepreneur Can Learn from ‘King James’”

  1. Ya Ya Friday, 22 January 2010 at 12:07 PM #

    A high paying job sure isn’t enough M.C. Hammer made sure we understood that!


  2. daniel Tuesday, 30 June 2009 at 4:53 AM #

    i love labron james you are the kools 🙂


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