Are You in a Balancing Act?

18 Jul

Are You in a Balancing Act?

Are you stressed out? Or maybe you are flying through your day at 100 miles per hour and you’re about to reach your limit? You may even be at a place of burnout where your passion has disappeared. If so, then your day probably sounds a little like this.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

It’s 5 AM. You get up, brush your teeth, jump in the shower and get the kids ready. You drive the kids to school by 7:30 and fight traffic across town to make it to work by 8. You have piles of work waiting on your desk when you dart the door. You put your coat down, trade pleasantries with co-workers and dive into a pile of papers to start working.

You pull up Internet Explorer only to find that 100 new emails have wandered into your inbox. Just as you start to reply, a co-worker comes in your office (without knocking) just to chit-chat. You engage them for two minutes and then…RING, RING, RING! Its your boss on the other end, calling you to a planning meeting.

On your way to the meeting, you get a text from your daughter reminding you that you have to pick her up from soccer practice after school. So, when will you have time to work on your final paper? After all, you need your masters degree to get that raise. Not to mention, preparing for that class you’re teaching tonight at church.

This is your life in a nutshell. And if you don’t get some relief pretty soon, you feel like you will end up in the nut house.

Have you ever felt like you are moving forward in life like an elephant riding a bike on a tightrope…while juggling Ginsu knives? One wrong move and it is curtains for you. Life feels like that at times, but here is the good news. That is not the case at all. By the end of this workbook, you will not only be able to make sense of your balancing act, but you will also be able to focus on a few key areas or common threads in your life.

You have just read an excerpt from my new workbook, “Balancing Act: Walking the Tightrope of Life and Business.”  If this scenario sounds anything like your workday, I have something that will make your life a little easier. To find balance in your life and career, click here to purchase Balancing Act.

I am Thomas E. Anderson, II, writer, creator and walking billboard for My Future in Focus.  I have been self-employed since age 9 when contracted as a wedding musician. No stranger to paradigm shifts, I overcame the stigma of childhood obesity, bouts of depression and death of my mother before age 18. To read my story, visit the About Me page.


2 Responses to “Are You in a Balancing Act?”

  1. elvalentino Tuesday, 19 July 2011 at 4:56 AM #

    Thanks.. I suddenly got depressed about the thought of having children haha nice post, I’ll definitely check some of your other things out. Balance is real important


    • Thomas E. Anderson, II Tuesday, 19 July 2011 at 5:34 PM #

      Lol love the sarcasm. Kids intensify the balancing act. My daughter actually added balance to my life. Glad you like the post.


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