Make Burnout a Thing of the Past

27 Jul

Are You in a Balancing Act?

Have you ever been driving on the highway, take your hands off the wheel for a second and your steering wheels pulls your car to the left? That’s a sure sign that you need a wheel alignment. Reason being, if your car tires ever became severely out of line, they would pop.

The same thing goes for your life.

When your life is out of balance, it manifests through feelings of burnout, stress, health issues and family problems. If these areas are out of balance, it can feel like you are being pulled in 100 different directions. And it won’t be long before you feel just like those unaligned car tires—about to pop.

Engaging in a balancing act for an extended period of time causes burnout. You can end up burning the candle at both ends trying to get everything done. When you feel burned out, those feelings can result in mental, physical and emotional stress. If you have ever burned the candle at both ends, did you notice that fun things were the first thing to go. Relaxation and hobbies were next on the list. And before long, you looked around and all your favorite pastimes were a thing of the past.

Have you stopped doing the things that energize you? Is it hard to remember the last time you did something for yourself? Something that you enjoy doing? If you answered no, your life just may be in balance. If your answer is “yes”, check out my new workbook, “Balancing Act: Walking the Tightrope of Life and Business.” If this scenario sounds anything like your life, I have something that will make your life a little easier. To find balance in your life and career, click here to purchase Balancing Act.

I am Thomas E. Anderson, II, writer, creator and walking billboard for My Future in Focus. I have been self-employed since age 9 when contracted as a wedding musician. No stranger to paradigm shifts, I overcame the stigma of childhood obesity, bouts of depression and death of my mother before age 18. To read my story, visit the About Me page.


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