Finding Life Balance Using the 2 Life Wheels

5 Aug


My dad taught me how to ride a bike. And he taught me very well. So well, that within a year I taught myself how to ride with no hands. I distinctly remember concentrating so hard on my handlebars to keep my balance that I crashed into the back of a van. (No worries…it was parked lol). I was so focused on riding with no hands that I blocked everything else out of my view, locked in on my focal point and balanced myself on the bicycle seat with no hands.

Life is like a bike ride where we balance ourselves on top of two life wheels: work and personal. It becomes subconscious. We struggle to shift our focus between making money, managing relationships and maintaining a healthy work ethic. The personal life wheel contains the 6 vital parts of life that we balance such as emotional and financial health. Our work life wheel contains 3 areas such as production and time. Without first finding inner balance it is impossible to balance ourselves on the life wheels.

The good news is that we balance life and bikes the same way – in motion. It is easier to balance a bike while it is moving than while standing still. And it is easier to find balance between your two life wheels while you’re moving forward. If you can ride a bike you can find life balance and reduce stress. To begin eliminating negative stress in your life and consciously finding life balance, purchase my Balancing Act workbook. With it you can discover all areas of the life wheels, achieve balance and maintain your focus.

I am Thomas E. Anderson, II, writer, creator and walking billboard for My Future in Focus. I have been self-employed since age 9 when contracted as a wedding musician. No stranger to paradigm shifts, I overcame the stigma of childhood obesity, bouts of depression and death of my mother before age 18. To read my story, visit the About Me page.


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