Brett Owens – An Entrepreneurial Approach to Time Management


Hi, I’m Brett Owens, founder of Chrometa.  My background is in Operations Research, which is a practice dedicated to increasing the efficiency of processes.  Soon after we founded Chrometa to provide automatic time tracking, we realized there was a huge need from both individuals and businesses to help them with time management.

We’ve gotten the time data capture part down – essentially we do an automatic capture of exactly how you spend time on your computer.  So this, in itself, can be pretty useful for individuals to audit themselves and for companies to see how their workforce is spending its time in aggregate. 

Now, our next step is to take this data and draw conclusions and recommendations that help individuals and businesses make better use of their time.  And this is where we’re tying in some of these Operations Research techniques.  In my research, many of the time management and productivity literature seems to be pretty old school – do this, don’t do this, keep a journal, etc – we’re trying to automate this process, to some extent, using our software.  Hey, it’s largely technology that got us into this mess, it’s about time it helped us work our way out.

And on that note, I’d love to hear suggestions or thoughts that you have on this subject.  I can be reached directly via email at, and you can visit us on the web at


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