What is Vision?

Vision is power to see.  The power to dream.  It’s the lens through which you see your life.  Your vision is the common thread that keeps your life from falling apart.  It gives you energy when you want to give up. 

Vision makes you stop and refocus when you feel that you’re going around in circles.  It’s the big picture purpose of your life.  It’s where you see your business in 15-20 years. 

Vision is something that you receive.  At times it comes in the form of a revelation, a warning, a supernatural experience.  It’s like a puzzle that exists in your mind, constantly pushing at your mental limitations, cluttering your mind until you unleash it.  Once you write it, your vision makes sense of other people’s lives. 

When you question your existence, your vision answers. It’s much bigger than you are.  In fact, it’s not even for you.  It’s for other people.  Even though it keeps you up at night, it has very little to do with you.  And at the moments where you realize that, your life becomes much easier. 

What you see may seem a bit far-fetched, but who said vision was supposed to be logical.  It doesn’t make sense until you start moving through it and putting the pieces together.  Clear vision can make the most menial task meaningful. 


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