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Visionaries often see the end at the beginning. I know I do. But it took me 7 years to put learn how to put my vision in sequence…in order. When I learned to do that, the pieces started putting themselves together.

In the 7 Misconceptions I share my story, experiences and lessons with you. I tell you  how I cleaned up what I thought was my shattered vision and reveal a brand new perspective on your shattered dream. I walk you through the process of cleaning up what’s left of your failed attempt.  And I give you strategies for moving forward with your vision.   

“7 Misconceptions…” is more than an eBook. It’s a vision development journal for visionary entrepreneurs and visionary leaders. It will take you more than one sitting to read and that’s ok.  You may have to put it down and come back to it periodically (…it will probably be at about 2 am when you can’t sleep and your purpose is pulling at you 🙂 

The 7 Misconceptions is a way to pick up the pieces, put your vision in perspective and step out beyond your fear to take your next bold move in business.

And if you let it…it can change your life.

Register below to receive your free copy of 7 Misconceptions That Almost Shattered My Vision (…and how I picked up the pieces)

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